Soul thrashed in her bed like crazy, the pillows ended on the floor and her legs were twisted in the blankets. Her snowy white hair stuck to her face from sweat. They were back. The dreams. The ones that she wished would never come back, the ones about the black blood and the little demon guy.

Soul looked down and blood was all over her. It her clothing was covered in it, her hands looked drenched in it and the red sticky fluid was smeared on her face. She looked to the ground and there lay her meister. Maka was covered in blood, and the ground under the blond meister’s body was deep red as it soaked into the ground.

“No…” she muttered at first. “No…” then it got louder and she as practically screaming. “NO! NO!” She yelled and she jerked awake. Soul looked around her room wided eyed and confused. She was breathing heavily and was shaking, although it didn’t occur to her at the moment.